Current advances in treatment of peri-implantitis (Ongoing)

Posted On 2020-12-04 17:32:51

This series on “current advances in treatment of peri-implantitis” is edited by Dr. Ole T. Jensen, University of Utah, School of Dentistry, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Ole T. Jensen
Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Utah, School of Dentistry, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Ole Jensen is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with academic appointments at the University of Utah, University of Michigan and Hebrew University. He lectures widely on the subject of bone graft reconstruction and the use of dental implants. He is co-founder of Clearchoice Dental Implant Centers in the United States, the world leader in All-on-4 therapy. Dr. Jensen has published 75 articles and edited 6 books, the newest the third edition of The Sinus Bone Graft. He is 2015 recipient of the Branemark Award from the Academy of Osseointegration.

Series outline:

  1. Maintenance of osseointegration
  2. Peri-implantitis in All-on-4 treatment
  3. Peri-implantitis: microbial etiology, the effect of periodontitis at the time of implant place-ment and on the occurrence and progression of peri-implant disease 
  4. Reducing Risk factors for peri-implantitis
  5. Peri-implantitis and rough surface implants
  6. Zygomatic Implant strategies to reduce risk of peri-implantitis
  7. Peri-implantitis treatment in the esthetic zone
  8. Treatment of Peri-implantitis with moderate bone loss 
  9. Shape memory attachment to prevent peri-implantitis
  10. Implant Retreatment after- severe alveolar bone loss from peri-implantitis 
  11. Platform bone switch to enhance sub-papillary bone preservation
  12. Bacterial micro-leakage a factor in peri-implantitis
  13. Antimicrobial surface treatment of titanium
  14. The zero bone loss concept

The series “current advances in treatment of peri-implantitis” was commissioned by the editorial office, Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Ole T. Jensen is serving as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.