Chinese expert consensus on chrono-chemotherapy for oral squamous cell carcinoma

Kai Yang, Wei Guo, Moyi Sun, Jiawei Zheng, Longjiang Li, Zhangui Tang, Guoxin Ren, Dan Chen, Xiaoqiang Lv, Jie Zhang, Zhengxue Han, Qing Xi, Zhijun Sun, Xiaopin Chen, Tao Zhang, Zonggang Che, Wei Ran, Jian Meng, Guilin Huang, Hong Tang, Can Xiao


Chemotherapy is one of the primary methods for the treatment of oral squamous cell carcinoma, and it is also an essential part of the comprehensive treatment of oral squamous cell carcinoma. However, the “double-edged sword” effect of chemotherapeutic drugs in killing both cancer cells and normal cells in vivo has restricted its clinical application to a certain extent. Chrono-chemotherapy based on human circadian rhythm is safer and more effective than traditional chemotherapy, which has been confirmed by a large number of studies. In order to promote and standardize the clinical application of this technology, we organized relevant experts to discuss and formulate the Chinese expert consensus. The consensus provides standardized suggestions on the related concepts, principles, drug selection, administration time, and methods of chrono-chemotherapy for oral squamous cell carcinoma, which can provide a reference for clinical practice.