A case of sclerotherapy for a giant lymphatic malformation in the neck

Zhiyu Li, Rengrong Lv, Guangqi Xu, Ran Huo


Lymphatic malformation is an abnormal development in the local area of the lymphatic system, often occurring in the head and neck of children within 2 years of age. Although this is a benign lesion, it rarely resolve spontaneously, enlarges and suppresses the vital organs around it, endangering life. We herein reported a case of a neonate with a large lymphatic malformation in the neck. The lesion was about 8.0 cm × 8.0 cm × 3.60 cm at birth. After multidisciplinary jointed diagnosis and treatment, sclerotherapy with pingyangmycin combined with triamcinolone acetonide or lauromacrogol foam remained very effective. The child was followed up until 1 year and 5 months, and the growth and development of the child were good. This case may demonstrate that large lymphatic malformations in the neck do not necessarily require surgical removal, and sclerotherapy can be effective.